Flowers of Evil – Symbolist making the Invisible Visible

Flowers of Evil and the Macabre Literary Imagination of Symbolism Vampires, fountains of blood, giantesses, dancing serpents, and “casks of hatred” populate Charles Baudelaire’s Les Fleurs du Mal, a collection of poems from 1857. Similarly nightmarish imagery fills Flowers of Evil: Symbolist Drawings,… Continue Reading

Belkis Ayón late Cuban female artist draws inspiration from Abakuá, a men’s secret society

   Nkame: A Retrospective of Cuban Printmaker BelkisAyón exhibition of Cuban artist Belkis Ayón”Nkame: A Retrospective of Cuban Printmaker Belkis Ayón” opens October 2, 2016(Los Angeles, CA)—The Fowler Museum at UCLA is pleased to be the first museum in the… Continue Reading

Stephen Romano: NY’s Champion of Esoteric Art

Stephen Romano: NY’s Champion of Esoteric Art BLAM BROOKLYN is pleased to announce the exhibition “MATERIA PRIMA“, curated by Stephen Romano. The exhibition is a mixture of leading contemporary artists, folk art, vernacular photography, esoteric ephemera, outsider art and unexpected… Continue Reading


The Art of Alchemy October 11, 2016–February 12, 2017, GETTY RESEARCH INSTITUTE Long shrouded in secrecy, alchemy is now recognized as the ancestor of modern chemistry. Alchemists were notorious for attempting to make synthetic gold, but their goals were far… Continue Reading

X marks the Spot! for Esoteric Art

ART : Esoteric and Arcane X The Cabinet of the Solar Plexus and GalleryX are pleased to present this landmark exhibition of international esoteric and arcane art, curated by Dolorosa de la Cruz This is not only the first event… Continue Reading

The Psychic Paintings of Spiritualist Artist Georgiana Houghton

Spiritualist artist Georgiana Houghton gets UK exhibition Overlooked painter is becoming recognised as being decades ahead of abstract pioneers such as Wassily Kandinsky. She has been dismissed as an eccentric, amateur artist who claimed to talk to the dead and… Continue Reading

“The Devils Reign” curated by Peter Gilmore at the Stephen Romano gallery

   Stephen Romano Gallery Devils Reign Exhibition: Stephen Romano Gallery Boris Martinov   Many cultures hold a belief in evil as an entity. In Medieval Europe one such worldview reached catastrophic consequences when the ruling class developed the idea of… Continue Reading