The Art of Alchemy October 11, 2016–February 12, 2017, GETTY RESEARCH INSTITUTE Long shrouded in secrecy, alchemy is now recognized as the ancestor of modern chemistry. Alchemists were notorious for attempting to make synthetic gold, but their goals were far… Continue Reading

“Color and I are one” – PAUL KLEE’S Personal Notebooks Online

  ARTIST PAUL KLEE’S Personal Notebooks Online Thanks to OPEN CULTURE [an incredible resource site] for making available 3,900 Pages of Paul Klee’s Personal Notebooks Online. Presenting His Bauhaus Teachings (1921-1931). An absolutely indispensable documentation of one of the most significant artistic processes… Continue Reading

Aleister Crowley artworks on show this month in New York

An English artist, mystic, ceremonial magician, poet and occultist, Crowley revelled in his notoriety, pleased that the press labeled him ‘the wickedest man in the world’ and ‘The Beast 666’. In 1920, Crowley travelled to Cefalu, Sicily to establish The… Continue Reading

Robert Buratti, Cabinet of Curiosities NY 2015

from Robert Buratti Here’s the preview video for the first of two exhibitions that I’m involved with next month. “Cabinet of Curiosities” opens on 21st January at The Metro Show in New York. Following that is my first hit-out at… Continue Reading