Dr. Richard Kaczynski’s Presentation at Trans-State: Transmutation and Transmission of a New Iconography in the Thoth Tarot

Earlier this year, the organizers of the Trans-State Conference posted videos of some of the presentations from last year’s installment. Here we post Thelemic scholar/author Dr. Richard Kaczynski’s presentation “Transmutation and Transmission of a New Iconography in the Thoth Tarot.”… Continue Reading

Richard Kaczynski on Church of Mabus Radio Friday March 31

Richard Kaczynski, Ph.D. will be featured on http://churchofmabusradio.com/category/church-of-mabus-radio-2/ this coming Friday, March 31st 8pm EDST, being interviewed by Pritchett and McNicholas. Their site says: “The name “Aleister Crowley” instantly conjures visions of diabolic ceremonies and orgiastic indulgences—and while the sardonic Crowley… Continue Reading

Markosia Publishes Revised Edition of Graphic Novel: Aleister Crowley: Wandering The Waste

Markosia has announced the February 20 publication of a revised and expanded edition of Aleister Crowley: Wandering the Waste, the critically-acclaimed graphic novel by Martin Hayes, Roy Huteson Stewart, and Paul McLaren  with a foreword by renowned Crowley scholar Richard Kaczynski.… Continue Reading

Ebook Flash Sale February 6–9 For Richard Kaczynski’s Novel “The Billionth Monkey” To Celebrate the Year of the Monkey

Readers of weird Fortean humor can celebrate the Year of the Monkey with a copy of Richard Kaczynski’s novel The Billionth Monkey. Between February 6–9, the ebook is discounted to $0.99 (iBook, Nook and Kindle). The Billionth Monkey follows the… Continue Reading

#1 Occulture Story of 2015 – Richard Kaczynski

  Richard Kaczynski receives ‘#1 Occulture Story of 2015’ for ‘Spiral Nature Magazine’ on the “MAGICA SEXUALIS” art exhibition at the ‘Stephen Romano Gallery (co-curated by Stephen Romano and Barry William Hale) check out Spiral Nature Magazines : Best of Occulture… Continue Reading

“Secrets of The Occult” Documentary Featuring Richard Kaczynski and James Wasserman

“SECRETS OF THE OCCULT (REAL MAGICIANS AND SORCERERS!)”  is a documentary on the Secrets of the Occult featuring interviews by esteemed OTO members/authors Dr. Richard Kaczynski and James Wasserman. “Throughout ancient history, black magic and dark arts have been practiced… Continue Reading