Dr. Richard Kaczynski’s Presentation at Trans-State: Transmutation and Transmission of a New Iconography in the Thoth Tarot

Earlier this year, the organizers of the Trans-State Conference posted videos of some of the presentations from last year’s installment. Here we post Thelemic scholar/author Dr. Richard Kaczynski’s presentation “Transmutation and Transmission of a New Iconography in the Thoth Tarot.”… Continue Reading

The Spiritual in Art and Zombie formalisms

George Graham: The Creation Paintings Hastings Museum and Art Gallery will hold an exhibition devoted to George Graham’s mysterious Creation Paintings from 20 January to 7 May 2017. Alex Brattell offers a preview. The spiritual in art is having one… Continue Reading

New Additions To “Thoth Sightings” Webpage

Last week, we reported that Doctor Richard Kaczynski had inaugurated a “Thoth Sightings” webpage which you can find here: http://www.richard-kaczynski.com/index.php/home/academia/thoth-sightings/ On the site he explains: “This page is a real-time version of the Thoth sightings appendix from my paper “The Crowley-HarrisThoth… Continue Reading