What killed the Saints of Ecclesia Gnostica Catholica?

Soror Sphinx recently compiled and posted a listing of the causes of death of the Saints of Ecclesia Gnostica Catholica who appear in the “Saints Collect” of Liber XV, The Ecclesia Gnostica Catholica’s Mass. So here it is. Great work Sister!

Lao-tzu, unknown; Siddhartha, mesenteric infarction; Krishna,  killed by his own wish with a hunter’s arrow; Tahuti, immortal; Mosheh, died in sight of the promised land; Dionysus,  torn to pieces; Mohammed, fever; To Mega Therion, HAIL THE GREAT BEAST; Hermes, immortal; Pan, “I heard the Great God Pan was dead but I don’t believe it”; Priapus, immortal; Osiris, murdered by Set; Melchizedek, unknown; Khem, immortal; Amoun,  immortal; Mentu, immortal; Heracles, self-immolation on a funeral pyre; Orpheus, torn to pieces; Odysseus, stabbed with a spear by his own son; Vergilius,  fever; Catullus, “a broken heart”;Martialis, died “in his native land”; Rabelais,  unknown; Swinburne, unknown; Apollonius Tyanæus,  mysterious disappearance; Simon Magus, premature burial; Manes, flayed alive and nailed to a cross; Pythagoras, angry mob; Basilides, unknown; Valentinus, unknown; Bardesanes, unknown; Hippolytus, died in exile; Merlin, imprisoned in an oak; Arthur, asleep in Avalon; Kamuret,  died on the battlefield in Wolfram; Parzival,  unknown; Carolus Magnus,  pleurisy; William of Schyren, , unknown; Frederick of Hohenstaufen, dysentery; Roger Bacon, unknown; Jacobus Burgundus Molensis the Martyr, slow burning; Christian Rosencreutz, unknown but definitely planned for; Ulrich von Hutten, died “in seclusion”; Paracelsus, natural causes; Michael Maier, unknown; Roderic Borgia Pope Alexander the Sixth, malaria; Jacob Boehme, bowel complaint; Francis Bacon Lord Verulam, pneumonia; Andrea, unknown; Robertus de Fluctibus, unknown; Johannes Dee, unknown; Sir Edward Kelly, fell while escaping imprisonment; Thomas Vaughan, unknown; Elias Ashmole, ague; Molinos, died in prison; Adam Weishaupt, unknown; Wolfgang von Goethe, heart attack; William Blake, died in poverty;  Ludovicus Rex Bavariae, drowned in a lake; Richard Wagner, heart attack; Alphonse Louis Constant, unknown; Friedrich Nietzsche, pneumonia; Hargrave Jennings, unknown; Carl Kellner, unknown; Forlong dux, unknown; Sir Richard Payne Knight, unknown; Paul Gaugin,  accidental morphine overdose; Sir Richard Francis Burton,  heart attack; Doctor Gerard Encausse, tuberculosis; Doctor Theodor Reuss,  unknown; Sir Aleister Crowley, respiratory infection.

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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