Phony Sex Magician Arrested In Turin

The Local, among other news sources, have reported about sexual abuse perpetrated by Paolo Meraglia of Turin, Italy, who is variously described as a “phony faith healer,” “sorcerer,” or “black magician.” Informed sources in Italy claim that Meraglia has been running this scam for many years having concocted a mock “sex magick” ritual based on fantasy and utilizing a few ominous sounding phrases copied from a grimoire purchased at a local occult supply store.
The Local’s story starts:
“Three men have been arrested in Turin for raping an underage girl under the pretext of carrying out sacred rites, local police said on Tuesday.

“Sixty-nine-year-old Paolo Meraglia, who claimed to be a sorcerer, abused the girl for months.”

Read the entire story here:

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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