Video of Presentation on Crowley’s Relationship With Peyote

“We were recently sent video footage of a presentation on Aleister Crowley’s relationship with peyote  and on the role of peyote in the development of Thelema. The presentation is a summary of a Master’s Thesis for the M.A. in Western Esotericism at the University of Amsterdam.”

The full text is available in PDF from _

The presentation took place on 3rd June 2016 at the Interdisciplinary Conference on Psychedelics Research in Amsterdam, organized by the OPEN Foundation .

The ICPR is an international multidisciplinary scientific conference on the most up-to-date research into psychedelics at which researchers from a wide range of academic disciplines present their latest results.

The topics discussed at the ICPR 2016 included:

  • psilocybin-assisted therapy for patients with treatment-resistant depression
  • MDMA-assisted therapy for patients with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • psilocybin-assisted therapy to alleviate the anxiety associated with death in terminally ill cancer patients
  • the biological basis of spiritual experiences
  • the historical, contemporary, and tribal uses of psychedelic plants


Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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