Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health Discontinues Carrying LELO Products

Erin Basler-Francis, Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health Digital Media Proctor

You may not have been aware that the Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health has a store, but you’ll likely be interested to know that store no longer carries LELO Products.

“While I’d like to be able to say that we made this decision with a heavy heart, frankly, LELO made it an incredibly easy business decision for us. Over the past few years, LELO has exhibited a track record of declining quality, increasing prices, patent infringement and trolling; negatively responding to feedback and criticism, and perpetuating harmful messages around sexual health and rights.”

“(tl;dw: By choosing Charlie Sheen as the spokesperson for its new Hex Condom, LELO has formally established a pattern of promoting misogyny and rape culture in its marketing. And we won’t support it.)”

Given his behavioral history, using Charlie Sheen as a spokesperson is pretty gross. “Why on earth are you working with someone who’s assaulted women?” asked one potential customer. Good question, indeed.

Video: Bye, LELO.


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