video of “Kenneth Grant’s Borderland of Mystic Horror” Lecture

Earlier this year, the organizers of the Trans-State Conference posted videos of some of the presentations from last year’s installment. Alistair Coombs’ presentation was on “Kenneth Grant’s Borderland of Mystic Horror.” It was described as:

“Grant’s symbolic and perplexing universe is deeply embroidered with fictions selectively sourced from the genre of supernatural horror. His alternative vision, or one might say, siderealisation of Thelema, therefore follows a highly visual narrative that unites eastern mysticism with images of the literary nightmarish, and more besides. The strange and super-exotic figures of his iconography inhabit a hidden borderland or netherworld between wakefulness and sleep, between inner consciousness and outer space. The nodules between wakefulness and sleep are emphasized as portals accessing such realms wrought from surrealistic design and a host of unearthly, hypnagogic encounter. Located beyond rigid objective categories and limited perception, this world is a playhouse of imaginative transformation that has coloured and informed the western esoteric tradition.

You can view it here:
“Alistair is writing his PhD on fire and light symbolism within Buddhist consciousness, from fire ritual, mediation and cosmology (University of Kent). His writings have otherwise appeared in Darklore, Nexus and New Dawn.”

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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