JAZZ & Freemasons – the Secret History

Jazz has had a long history of inspiring Modern Occultism from Count Basie holding the sonic keys to Kenneth Grant’s Typhonian Teratomas, to Harry Everitt Smith’s transcription painting of a musical piece by Dizzy Gillespie, and that ain’t even scratching… Continue Reading

video of “Kenneth Grant’s Borderland of Mystic Horror” Lecture

Earlier this year, the organizers of the Trans-State Conference posted videos of some of the presentations from last year’s installment. Alistair Coombs’ presentation was on “Kenneth Grant’s Borderland of Mystic Horror.” It was described as: “Grant’s symbolic and perplexing universe… Continue Reading

“Religionens Varp Och Trasor” Collection Published Including Work By Henrik Bogdan

Religionens varp och trasor  is a recent publication edited by Daniel Enstedt, Göran Larsson, and Sardella Ferdinando featuring the paper “Adviata Vedanta And Occultism: The Case Of Kenneth Grant, authored by Henrick Bogan. The book is published by LIR.skrifter; this is a is… Continue Reading

British Surrealist & Occultist ‘Ithell Colquhoun’ – Returns to the Slade

British Surrealist & Occultist Returns to the Slade In conjunction with the forthcoming release of FULGUR  Ithell Colquhoun’s ‘Decad of Intelligence’ Launch at the Slade School of Fine Art on December 16th!! After 85 years, the forgotten esoteric feminist artist… Continue Reading