Video Examining the Quimbanda of Brazil

This video is part of a reporting made about Afro-religions in Brazil, it shows Exu 7 Facadas in a “incorporação” working in his terreiro/house, and doing consultations. •What is “Incorporação”? In Brazilian Portuguese we use the word “incorporação” (from the Latin “incorporatio”), to indicate the “spirit possession” that occurs during the ritual. “Incorporação” in its most simple signification means “to enter into the composition of some body”, or “join to it”. In the cult of Brazilian Quimbanda, as well as in other cults of African origin, it is understood that incorporação allows to a disembodied spirit the partial use of the dense physical matter (body) of the practitioner, in order to communicate, to transmit its wisdom and to develop diverse magical practices.

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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