Coming of Age Without Labels

A poolside scene from Giant Little Ones

Released March 8 for a limited run, Giant Little Ones is a film about young people discovering their sexuality and coming of age without using labels. Josh Wiggins plays Franky, a young man who has a same-sex encounter with his best friend. “There’s this kind of tribal mentally that you kind of need to subscribe to one thing or the other,” he says. “But I think if people can realize that sexuality can be very abstract and that there’s no real reason to force yourself to subscribe to any label, that’s what I hope people can get from the movie.” Giant Little Ones also features Niahm Wilson as Franky’s friend, Mouse who was assigned female at birth but is exploring things like wearing artificial male genitalia.

In an article about the movie, Bustle says, “Of course, plenty of members of the LGBTQIA+ community use labels and are confident in them and proud of them. Giant Little Ones isn’t suggesting that everyone leave their sexuality or gender undefined, but rather that people should not rush or feel pressured into defining themselves — to others or within their own minds.”

How Coming-Of-Age Drama ‘Giant Little Ones’ Tackles Teen Sexuality Without Using Labels


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