Third Volume of A Journal of Hekatean Devotion And Scholarship Out

The third volume of Katabasis: A Journal of Hekatean Devotion and Scholarship came out this Spring this volume being titled “Brimo.” It features a lotta goodies including poetry from Thelema, NOW! host Harper Feist. The posted description says:

“Anger with agency, action of Will and the fiery light of Hekate fill the pages in this issue of ‘Katabasis: A Journal of Hekatean Devotion & Scholarship’. Brimo is the terrible epithet applied to so many Goddesses, specifically Hekate…and the all-female contributors in this issue are fierce forces of nature to match. Things happen when women become angry, and the empowering relationship with Hekate motivates to transform this into beautiful devotional poetry, terrifying art and inspired knowledge. This Beltane issue of Katabasis melts together ideas and praxis of long-time devotees Setjataset (“Hekate’s Fire”) and Fawn Hexe (“Whirling Wheels”). Katabasis also presents Hekate inspired devotional poetry by Harper Feist (a series titled “ΤΙΤΑΝΙΚΟΣ (TITANIC)” and Inara Cauldwell (“She Is”), with a hymn by Genaia de Carrefour.

“Katabasis: A Journal of Hekatean Devotion and Scholarship is an inclusive quarterly publication, releasing at the cross-quarter days of the witches calendar…the most liminal times of the year. A labour of love, a devotional work in the vein of academic scholarship and continued Bhakti relationship with the titaness Hekate defines this journal. This body of work is an inspirational tool committed to the furthering of research, sharing of experiences and honouring the influence of Hekate in our modern lives.”

Pick up a copy:

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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