There is Only Ever That Which Answers

Here’s an excerpt from Jason Miller’s Magick Monday Newsletter.

Since Saint Cyprian became my primary go-to intermediary spirit concerning Angels and Demons, I spent quite a lot of time trying to get him to provide a firm and unshakeable protocol for the Black School to make sure that a spirit was who it said it was, and that it was telling the truth. There are exorcisms and compelling conjurations that were consturucted under his direction, and also encouraged a lot of looser invitational evocations that still relied upon spiritual authority . I really wanted to know: “Oh Martyr and Mage! Oh Sorcerer Saint! Tell me! How do I know that the spirit I have conjured is really that spirit? How do I know it tells the truth?” 

“There is only ever that which answers” was his reply.

It was time to put down the horror movie fantasy and realize the truth: the only thing you really ever know is that something answered. Yes, there are traditions and exorcisms and protocols, but how do you actually know that they work? I mean, you could sit there yelling names of god all you want, and if a spirit wanted to lie, the very best tool at their disposal would be to say “Oh! You got me now! I CAN’T lie….. “. Once you believe that of a spirit, or a person for that matter, you are in a position to REALLY get bamboozled!

Is it Malphas that answered? Is it Hekate? You actually will never know. Personally, I hold that spirits and gods are much more subtle and fluid in their identities than physical people are, so the question often is silly. But even if you think that they are as solid as we are – you never actually know.

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