Museo Novecento Hosting Exhibition on Influential Early 20th Century Counter Culture Retreat

“The Museo Novecento, in collaboration with the Monte Verità Foundation (Ascona Canton Ticino), presents the exhibition “Monte Verità. Back to nature“, dedicated to the famous hill of utopia, to its founders and illustrious guests who saw in its spaces suspended in time a good retreat away from the drama of wars and also from the ideological clash between capitalism and communism that was going through Europe. Cradle of an existence based on primitive rhythms, it became the laboratory of a new culture, a counter-culture born in response to bourgeois conformism and dominant thought, which attracted thinkers and anarchists, philosophers, theosophists, writers, artists and architects from every country.

“The exhibition is divided into three parts, between the philosophical origins of the Monte, the development of its architecture and the art of dance, sinks into the memory of this remote paradise, recalled by objects, testimonies, models, photographs and works of art: “Vegetarian chair”, “The veggy menus” Bauhaus-style hotel“.”

Among the guests who stayed at at Monte Verita during these exciting times was O.T.O. founder and original OHO Theodor Reuss

Monte Verità. Back to nature, runs 19 Nov 2021 — 10 Apr 2022.

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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