“The Wake World” Being Recognized as “Best New Opera” by MCANA

Last September saw the world-premier of “The Wake World” opera by composer/librettist David Hertzberg, inspired by Aleister Crowley’s “Tale for babes and sucklings” of the same name.  It was staged at the Barnes Foundation in Philadelphia. “The Wake World” is being honored as Best New Opera by the Music Critics Association of North America at an awards ceremony being held in Washington, D.C. this coming Friday.

Having been lucky enough to attend one of the performances of “The Wake World” along with our beloved OHO and other O.T.O. dignitaries, I can state categorically that the opera is an amazingly powerful and original piece of work aesthetically and one that effectively captured much of the mystic essence of many facets of our Most Holy Order.

As we contemplate what a disappointment, CBS All Access’ fictionalized treatment of the Jack Parsons’ story, Strange Angel, seems to be shaping up to be it’s wonderful to see work hets Crowley recognized this way.

Here’s the MCANA press release:


And here’s a story about the opera and the award:




Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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