They Revere the Sun as God and Worship a Fallen Angel

We ARE very interested in the fate of the Yazidis for several reasons: first and foremost, they are fellow sentient beings; secondly, The Prophet of the Lovely Star did see an ancient precedent for Thelema in their singular faith.  Here’s a New Yorker piece about Yazidi refugees in the U.S. finding a way to help their kinsfolk back in Irag. One excerpt states (the bolding comes from me):

“Yazidis have suffered centuries of religious persecution, based largely on the false idea that they revere the sun as God and worship a fallen angel. Though Yazidis pray toward the sun, and worship seven angels, they are monotheistic, and there is little to distinguish their God from the Muslim or the Christian one. Under the Ottomans, Yazidi villages were raided so often that the word firman, which means “decree” in Ottoman Turkish, came to mean ‘genocide’ among Yazidis. When Saddam Hussein was President of Iraq, Yazidi villages were razed, and their inhabitants were resettled in planned communities and compelled to identify as Arabs. By the time that Pir was in college, in the early two-thousands, the Yazidis counted seventy-two genocides in their history.”

Read the entire piece here:

As readers of this blog know, that captured Yazidi women are often assigned or sold as sex slaves to Daesh members. A significant portion of such women, upon regaining their freedom, have joined the anti-Daesh armed resistance.

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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