The Star Sapphire Performed by ARCO

Aleister Crowley’s, Liber XXXVI, The Star Sapphire, was adapted as an abstract performance by the experimental musical theater ensemble, ARCO.

ARCO’s website describes them as having been formed by Neil Luck in 2008. They go on to describe themselves as, “a group of composers, artists and (mainly) string players from a range of musical and artistic disciplines and backgrounds. The group explores experimental approaches to non-standard notation and live performance practice as a starting point for creating bespoke, collaborative music theatre events characterised by an uncompromisingly avant-garde aesthetic, and radical mix of influences from contemporary classical music, magick rituals, concrete poetry, free improvisation, slapstick comedy, Kabuki theatre and Broadway show tunes.”

The performance itself was performed as a part of the Process Festival in Vilnius, Lithuania. You can watch the Star Sapphire here:


A video of similar performances can be found on ARCO contributor/performer Adam de la Cour’s website:


Adam de la Cour



Joshua Sharp

Joshua Adam Sharp was the founding Master of Alombrados Oasis, the New Orleans-based body of the Ordo Templi Orientis. He has been an initiate of the Order since 2002 and has had an avid interest in Thelema, the discipline of Magick, and the method of Scientific Illuminism since 1999. He has also been an Aspirant to the A.’.A.’. since 2008 and continues to prosecute this Great Work. Joshua is a graduate of the University of New Orleans and holds a continuing interest in neuropsychology, philosophy, and the sciences in general.

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