The Realm of the Great White Brotherhood in Bucks County, PA

Perhaps you’ve heard of the pioneering sex magician and self-proclaimed Rosicrucian, the man of color Pascal Beverly Randolph. Perhaps ye even know that his literary legacy was acquired by a gent named Reuben Clymer. But do you know what Clymer did for a living? Do you know when he aligned himself with Randolph’s teaching? Do you know who the large pyramid erected on the estate Clymer established in upper Bucks County, PA in the late 19th century is dedicated to? Ya don’t expect to find that in a local newspaper but earlier this week the Bucks County Courier Times featured an article explaining all this and a hell of a lot more. It could be that a few things like the Rosicrucian lineage or the survival of Randolph’s fraternal organization after his death might be somewhat conjectural, BUT STILL!

“The large pyramid we visited hints at what the site represents. There’s a bronze tableau on the mausoleum reading, ‘Dedicated to the Supreme Grand Masters, Councillors and Sublime Instructors of the August Fraternity Who Have Entered the Realm of the Great White Brotherhood.’ Below are listed 29 names including Benjamin Franklin, George Washington and Abraham Lincoln plus four members of the Clymer family of Upper Bucks.”

Check it out:

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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