David Tibet announced the release of new Current 93 material, a sampling of a larger body of work still in process. Tibet explains:

“We are SuperSun to announce that the CD of C93’s lateral leap and sidereal skip, THE STARS ON THEIR HORSIES, is now available from us at This is not the new C93 album, just a peek into her creek. The 39.39 minute CD costs £8 plus P&P. There will also be a numbered and signed white-label edition, featuring a different mix of the SingSongs, with hand-written labels, that will available in June or July. Limited to 200 copies, it comes in a full-colour screen-printed sleeve; half of the edition comes in one sleeve design, and the other half in a different sleeve design.

“As I wrote in our last update:

“A new lateral C93 album, The Stars On Their Horsies, containing just one track, is now finished and is released this month. The LP version of The Stars On Their Horsies is different to the CD version. Textually based around two NightMares I nightmared recently, of which I recorded accounts of as soon as I woke from them in the Middle of the Night Road, The Stars On Their Horsies may be seen as a SideShowPeek, or perhaps a GasStationCarnival, and a slide into October’s new C93 album.”

More information here:

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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