A sneak peek at David Lynch, Nudes

A photograph of a woman's legs

Book cover of David Lynch Nudes featuring a woman's legsDavid Lynch fans rejoice! We may not have another season of “Twin Peaks” coming soon, but June 12, 2018, will be notable all the same. On that day, a huge book called David Lynch, Nudes comes out, featuring over one hundred photographs of naked bodies. Vice describes it as Lynch “exploring the female form with his trademark alien eye.”

“I like to photograph naked women,” said Lynch in a press release for the book. “The infinite variety of the human body is fascinating: it is amazing and magic to see how different women are.” Many of the frames from his new tome are barely recognizable as bodies, while others highlight perspectives and angles that would be purged from any sane person’s Instagram feed. In Lynch’s hands, the sometimes grotesque view of the body seems natural and, as he says, amazing.

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