The British Museum Muses Over the Divine Female

The BBC has published a story discussing a new exhibition at London’s venerable British Museum, “Feminine Power” that takes a look at female faces of the Divine in antiquity, as worshipped by diverse cultures. An excerpt reads:

“Sulis is just one of a number of goddesses who feature in an ambitious new exhibition,  Feminine Power, at the British Museum in London. Examining the prominence of female deities and figures of reverence from six continents across thousands of years, the show is as rich in scope as it is in divine faces. Sharing the gallery with Sulis, a local manifestation of the Roman goddess Minerva, is everyone from the Egyptian deity Sekhmet to the Hindu Kali, the Japanese Kannon and the Mexican Coatlicue.”

Read the whole piece:

Thanks to our beloved OHO for the tip!

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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