The Book of Magical Psalms In Print

“The Book of Magical Psalms – Part 1” is now officially in print!!!
This corrected edition can currently be acquired from
It will be available on Amazon and other online book sellers within a week.
Countless individuals all over the world are chanting the “Psalms of David” every hour of every day, which makes the “Book of Psalms” the most practically applied text in the Hebrew Bible. In this regard this biblical text is reckoned amongst the greatest and most popular works of “Jewish Magic,” its popularity being due to the Psalms addressing the loftiest “realms of spirit,” the lowliest aspects of human existence, and everything in between. They offer ready-made prayers, supplications, and incantations for all to express what is in their hearts and minds. Furthermore, considered to be Divinely inspired, the Psalms comprise a direct link between a “human mouth” and a “Divine Ear”!
The material addressed in “The Book of Magical Psalms – Part 1” derives from the extensive primary literature of “Practical Kabbalah,” much of which is shared in this tome for the first time in English translation. This definitive study includes the magical use of the biblical “Book of Psalms” for every conceivable purpose in prayers, incantations, adjurations, and Hebrew amulets.

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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