here’s an excerpt from Jason Miller’s Magick Monday Newsletter


If you find yourself in need of fast help and live near a church with a cemetary attached, try the following:

Go to the Church and Pray to St Expedite for what it is you need. If the church has candles to light, light a candle. Leave whatever you can as an offering for the Church in St Expedites name.

Walk to the Cemetary and find a Cross somewhere near the center of the yard. It can be engraved on a stone or be scupted – it doesn’t matter. If you can’t find a gravestone that fits the bill, just choose a grave near the center that calls to you.

Kneel and offer one Our Father as fast as you can, than run to each corner of the cemetary and offer another our father at each corner. It doesn’t matter how far, but you need to MOVE YOUR ASS and run the whole time. After you have prayed at all four corners return to the cross at the center and pray to St Expedite while still out of breath.

Saint Expedite, Noble Roman youth, and martyr,You who quickly brings things to pass, You who never delays, I come to you in need: ____________ Do this for me, Saint Expedite, and when it is accomplished,I will as rapidly reply with an offering to you. (State your vow or promise)Be quick, Saint Expedite!Grant my wish and I will glorify your name.  Amen.

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Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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