The Big Book of Magical Incense

This December will see the publication of Sara Mastros’ The Big Book of Magical Incense. The publisher’s description says:

“A hands-on guide to the vast world of magical incense, its cultural history, tried-and-true recipes, how to create your own formulas, and how to use it in all sorts of magical practice.
The Big Book of Magical Incense is for practicing magicians and pagans who want to learn how to formulate their own magical incenses.
While the book requires no prerequisite knowledge, it is also appropriate for experienced magicians and learned pagans. The chapters are scaffolded, teaching about basic ingredients and skills, both practical and magical, in early chapters, and gently leading the reader to develop their own recipes, spells, and ritual practices as they move through the book.
Presented in a paradigm-agnostic way, the book should appeal to people on numerous paths.

  • Ceremonial magicians and sorcerers will appreciate the planetary incense recipes and translations from the Greek magical papyri and other classical magic texts.
  • Folk magicians will appreciate the many magical incense formulas, such as Go Away! and Money Magnet.
  • Animists will love the focus on ingredients native to the United States, and the instructions for working with the dead and the spirits of the land.
  • Devotional pagans will find recipes for a variety of gods, particularly those of the Eastern Mediterranean traditions, some of whose chapters include original translations of the Orphic hymns and other devotional poetry.
  • Chaos magicians will be excited about the flexibility to mix and match practices and recipes throughout the book.”

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Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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