Teen Vogue Offers Tips on Magic

Sabrina Spellman creates a yarn cats cradle

Starting Tuesday, April 30, Teen Vogue began a column series called “Practical Magic.” Writer Lisa Stardust notes that while witchcraft is having a moment in the media, “…for witches, brujas, brujos, and warlocks who have dedicated their whole lives to understanding themselves through their spirituality and magic, it’s not just a trend, but a way of life.” The article goes on to define magic, what it does, and why it seems to be taboo.

This first installment of “Practical Magic” includes quotes from practitioners Annabel Gat, Bri Luna, and Michael Cardenas, and concludes:

Odds are, if you believe in yourself and see the world beyond beliefs imposed by society, then you are a magical being. Embrace your inner witch. Dare to see life beyond what’s immediately in front of you. Allow yourself to awaken the parts within which have been asleep for so long and step into your power through the hidden unseen knowledge the universe holds.

How to Do Magic and Other Questions You Might Have About Being a Witch


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