Black Flame International Announces Speakers For October Conference in Montreal

Black Flame International has announced the speakers who’ll be presenting at its October conference in Montreal, which will run from October 11-13. The event’s site states:

“A coterie of esotericists, magickal practitioners, and occult inspired artists are producing this unique event, intended as a forum and a consortium for magicians, by magicians. Black Flame Montreal is invested in furthering the occult current through the curation of interactive experiences featuring the collective expressions of the Black Flame.

“Black Flame Montreal aims to maintain uncompromising standards and integrity while promoting radical self-responsibility, self-initiatory opportunity, and the evolution of the individual via education, art, and other various methods of unusual means.

“Our first locally hosted Conference, under the moniker Flambeau Noir 2017, took place in Spring of 2017, in Ottawa, Canada. This included presenters  Richard Kaczynski, Thomas Karlsson, Shani Oates, Jex Blackmore, Helene Arts, and others. In the Spring of 2018, Flambeau Noir was held in Portland, Oregon, and included presentations/performances by Peter Grey, Alkistis Dimech, Michael Ford, Venus Satanas, Reverend Steven Leyba Johnson, Griffin Ced, Sean Donahue, Marcus McCoy, Shannon Williams, Koyote the Blind, and several others. Black Flame PDX in April 2019 is again be held in Portland, Oregan, and features Michael Ford, Michael Kolson,  Hope-Marie Ford, Jessica Hall, Paul Frederic, Koyote the Blind, Corinne Boyer, Catamara Rosarium, Diabolus Rex, and others.”

Details regarding confirmed speakers:


Gary Lachman is the author of twenty-two books on the subjects of consciousness, culture, and the western esoteric tradition, including Lost Knowledge of the Imagination, Dark Star Rising: Magick and Power in the Age of Trump, and The Secret Teachers of the Western World. He writes for several journals in the US, UK, and Europe, lectures on his work internationally, and his writing has been translated into more than a dozen languages. In a former life he was a founding member of the rock group Blondie, and in 2006 was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.


Occultist, Mystic, Luciferian Pilgrim of the Forbidden Arts, Traditional Craft Practitioner, independent researcher, lecturer, historian and writer of the Craft, Magic, Ancestral Tradition, particularly the Robert Cochrane Tradition, and the cultural Folk-lore and Folk-magicks of the Uk and its Northern Heritage. Spae-wife and Matriarch of The People of Goda, The Clan of Tubal Cain.Life-long student of Anthropology, Tantra, Philosophy and the arcane ‘Other.’ Author of several books that write informatively on the myths, gods and archetypes that imbue and inform the Cults and Crafts of Witchcraft and Folk-Traditions, shifting through the arcane to modern times.

Published Works: Tubelo’s Green Fire, The Arcane Veil, Star-Crossed Serpent Volumes I-IV (Mandrake of Oxford), The People of Goda, The Robert Cochrane Tradition: CTC: Tubal’s Mill (revised edition – 2018) & TM: Legend, Paean to Hekate (Create Space and through Hell Fire Club Books), and Crafting the Arte of Tradition, The Devil’s Supper, and The Hanged God (Anathema Publishing Ltd.).


Richard Kaczynski is the author Perdurabo: The Life of Aleister Crowley (2010), which the Times Literary Supplement deemed “the major biography to date” of the Beast. He has also written Forgotten Templars: The Untold Origins of Ordo Templi Orientis (2012), The Weiser Concise Guide to Aleister Crowley (2009), and the novel The Billionth Monkey (2015), among others. His writing has also appeared in anthologies such as The Art and Science of Initiation (2019), Success Is Your Proof (2016), Tarot in Culture (2014), Aleister Crowley and Western Esotericism (2012), and Mathematics in Popular Culture (2012). Since 1990, he has lectured internationally on these and other topics and has been featured in the television documentaries Secrets of the Occult (2006) and Aleister Crowley: The Beast 666 (2007). He edits and typesets the proceedings books for the National O.T.O. Conference, is secretary of Academia Ordo Templi Orientis, and serves U.S. Grand Lodge as a Sovereign Grand Inspector General and a Bishop of EGC. By day, Richard is a social psychologist, biostatistician and research scientist whose 1993 doctoral dissertation examined metaphysical beliefs and experiences among occult practitioners.


The occult is Helene’s life-long passion. She has been influenced most significantly by Aleister Crowley and Dion Fortune, philosopher Colin Wilson, and witchcraft of a Left-Hand Path persuasion. A practicing Astrologer for over 20 years, Helene focuses on Planetary and Astrological Magick. In 2014 she purchased the premises and forest now known as Witch Hollow, and her work there can be seen on the website She is a contributing author to PILLARS: The Scalding of Sapientia, and PILLARS: Circling the Compass and is currently writing a book on the topic of the Left-Hand Path (all under Anathema Publishing Ltd).

Helene is also a specialist in conflict resolution and a professional mediator. In this field, she is a consultant, university professor, and an author with a focus on the creative arts industries. She has co-authored Conflict Resolution for Musicians (and Other Cool People); Keep the Drama in Front of the Camera: Conflict Resolution for Film and TV; and Conflict Response Roles Inventory. Helene is currently pursuing a PhD in Conflict Studies.


Practitioner of Ayurveda / Traditional Chinese Medicine, Vedic Sciences, Gnostic Spirituality and Martial Arts, Craig Williams is also the author of Tantric Physics Vol. I: Cave of the Numinous (Theion Publishing , 2014), Entering the Desert (Anathema Publishing Ltd., 2017), Cult of Golgotha: Liber 16 ( Anathema Publishing Ltd., 2018) as well as numerous published essays. Craig is an ordained Gnostic Bishop (Tau Lazarus) with Apostolic Succession with the Ecclesia Gnostica Nigra. Craig has a private medical practice in Austin specializing in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, Yoga and Sports Nutrition. He is the recipient of the prestigious Vedakovid and Yogacharya titles awarded by Vamadeva Shastri and the American Institute of Vedic Studies and the YogaAyurvedacharya title from the Academy of Traditional Ayurveda. More information can be found at:


Rosemary Stehlik is a  multidimensional artist, occultist, priestess, and witch. As adherent to the Luciferian current and an Initiate of secret orders and eclectic paths spanning over two decades, she has seasoned experience unfolding within diverse magickal contexts. She is a practitioner of Shaolin Kung Fu, is a student of 35th generation Shaolin disciple Shi Chang Dao, and is First Assistant Instructor at the Shaolin Temple Quanfa Institute. An International Shaolin Kung Fu World Medalist, she participated in the 10th and 12th Zhengzhou Shaolin Wushu Olympics in Deng Feng, located in the Henan Province of China, in 2016 and 2018. Rosemary is deeply devoted to rendering shadow work in all things visual arts. She is a member of the International Association of Artists of Imagination (AOI), who have exhibiting her fine art internationally. She  is a graduate of McMaster University (Toronto), holding two Honours B.A Degrees in Fine Arts and Art History respectively, with a minor in Religious Studies. Rosemary’s work can be seen at:

Rosemary Stehlik


Jason Miller (Inominandum) has devoted 30 years to studying practical magic in its many forms. He is the author of the now classicProtection and Reversal Magick as well as The Sorcerer’s Secrets, Sex Sorcery and Spirit, and Financial Sorcery. He runs the Strategic Sorcery Training Course, The Black School of Cyprian and The Sorcery of Hekate Course. You can find him with his wife and children in the Green Mountains, where he writes, does magic, and drinks lots of coffee. Find out more at


Season Cole is a poet, performance artist, experimental musician, occultist, and practitioner of ceremonial magick, with a strong shamanic influence. An unconventional upbringing combined with an atypical nature provided the perfect conditions for her continued inquiry into consciousness, along with an intensified, yet mischievous, relationship with reality from the start. Insomnia gave way to unwittingly advanced meditation. Abnormal experiences and early onset existential crisis gave way to spiritual exploration. Reckless teen spell-casting gave way to a passion for the occult. Season’s art is a vehicle for her enduring analysis of gnosis. She has been writing poetry since the age of six, and performing for over twenty years. She presently writes and performs under the nom de guerre, zenKOAL, and is one-half of the post-industrial/experimental duo Brujentropy.  She lives in Portland, Oregon, where she is involved with Black Flame PDX: a small group of dedicated practitioners producing and organizing events, with a Left-Hand Path emphasis.


Shawn C. Hebert is a Druid Hermeticist, spending 26 years practicing his craft. A Clinical Aromatherapist, and a member of OBOD, the EOGD, and the organizer of The Thunder Bay Pagan Fellowship, Shawn is also the owner and creator of Lailokens Awen, a line of handcrafted, all natural, intention-based magical products. Made using hermetic principles, and respecting astrological correspondences, his products appeal to both magical practitioners and non-practitioners alike. His products can be found in over 300 stores across Canada, the USA, Australia, Hong Kong, and England. You can discover his products at, and follow Lailokens Awen on Instagram @lailokens_awen, Twitter @lailokensawen, and Facebook.


Sarah Anne Lawless is an artist, author, poison path folk herbalist, and maker of flying ointments. Sarah has worked closely with poisonous plants for 15 years now with a focus on revitalizing the knowledge of medicinal nightshades in Western herbalism. She began producing flying ointments in 2010 as historical reconstructions, but a few years later, word of her ointments’ effectiveness spread and she began selling her nightshade ointments more openly and teaching about her work at conferences. Her baneful medicines, artwork, and writings can be found on her Bane Folk website. Aside from poisonous plants, her life is consumed with foraging, mushroom hunting, and teaching about local wild edibles and medicinals. Sarah currently lives in a small village in rural Ontario with her mycophile partner and their two little boys. Together they are wilderness educators and professional consultants under the banner Fern & Fungi.


Facebook: @banefolkbotanicals

Instagram: @banefolk


J.F. Marc des Jardins Ph.D., C.M.D. is an Associate Professor at the Department of Religions and Culture at Concordia University in Montreal. He completed his Ph.D. in East Asian Studies at McGill University and conducted Post-doctoral Studies at the Institute for Asian Research at the University of British Columbia. He is one of the few specialists on the Tibetan Bön Religion in North America and has lectured extensively at prestigious universities and research institutes in Europe, North America, Asia, and the Middle East. He has been researching Bön since 1991 and has spent several years in the Tibetan regions of Western China among Bönpo communities, monastic institutions, and retreat centres.


Gabriel McCaughry is the founder and editor of Anathema Publishing Ltd (Est. 2011) and one of the hosts of the Black Flame MTL conference.

A pilgrim in the Mystery Tradition, Gabriel is deeply fascinated with all subjects relating to Alchemy, Hermeticism, and the Nameless Arte. Thus, he walks the Path of a Luciferian Gnostic. His first book, (h)Auroræ, is somewhat of an invitation for the attentive reader to explore, ponder, and puzzle over the fundamental processes of Alchemical Self-Transmutation – as a tool for developing mental individuation and spiritual apotheosis.

For more details or to register visit:

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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  1. The conference was cancelled after two presenters pulled out due to their objection to the inclusion of Craig Williams as presenter and Chris Undirheimar as an artist due to the latter’s affiliation with Operation Werewolf.

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