Tantra, Magic, and Sex in Tibetan Buddhism Seminar

John Myrdhin Reynolds / Lama Vajranatha will be conducting a seminar via Zoom, December 10-11, 2022, titled “Tantra, Magic, and Sex in Tibetan Buddhism.”

The posted description says:
“Nowadays in the West, when we hear the word “Tantra,” we think it means sex, especially enjoyable sexual practices. But in Ancient India, the art of realizing an enjoyable sex life was known as Kama Shastra, of which the Kama Sutra is the best known text of such practices. However, Tantra is traditionally said to represent Moksha Shastra, the science of liberation, which is a spiritual goal. Literally, the term Tantra means “continuity,” and what is continuous here is the manifestation of energy and its transformations. And so, Tantra basically means working with energies, gross and subtle, that are available to human beings who are seeking the spiritual goals of liberation and enlightenment. Indeed, sex is only one of these forms of energy available, as attractive and interesting as it may be. However, Magic also means working with energies, commanding and manipulating them, bringing them under the control of will, in order to bring about changes in consciousness and also one’s immediate environment. What aspects of sexuality and sextual practice do we find in Magic and in Buddhist Tantra? How does sexual practices contribute to spiritual realization? This seminar will examine the relationship between Tantra and Magic, and also the employment of sexual practices in what is known as ‘Sex Magick.’”
Register here – http://kunzangling.pl/zoom

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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