How to Become a Modern Magus: A Manual for Magicians of All Schools

January 17 sees the publication of Don Webb’s latest books, How to Become a Modern Magus: A Manual for Magicians of All Schools. The posted description says;
“In this practical training guide, Don Webb lays out a detailed step-by-step program for building and sustaining a magical practice. Based not on Eliphas Levi’s correspondence system but on an older form of Egyptian magic, as well as drawing on Chaos Magick, shamanism, and the secret techniques of the Temple of Set, the program offers a full 12 months of activities, rituals, spells, and exercises to help you acquire magical skills and knowledge and maximize your strengths over the course of a year.

“Beginning with the hows and whys of magic, as well as the real dangers of the occult and how to avoid or cure them, the author shares experiences from his 45 years of personal work and 30 years of teaching the magical arts. He presents the Inshallo Rite for creating a magical helper as the first step on the road to becoming a magician. He explores the temporal aspect of magic–what works best at which times of year, month, or day–as well as the importance of keeping a magical diary, creating a warded work space, and properly preparing for magical work.

“Presenting a chapter-per-month curriculum, he explores the magical powers of elements, gods, and esoteric traditions, with weekly and daily exercises as well as emotional and mental training connected to each month’s topic. He examines the four elements in depth, sharing rites, invocations, spells, and activities for working magically with each element. Looking at Egyptian Soul Craft, he details how to work with the KA and the BA and how to perform magical workings with Egyptian deities. He explores sex magic, dream magic, group practice, and rites for the Nine Gates–events that can serve as pivotal moments for initiation.

“Based on more than three decades of magical teaching, Don Webb’s guide to becoming a modern magus will help beginners start their magical journey and support experienced magicians to revitalize and balance their existing practice.”

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Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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