Multiple Publications Based on the Papyrus of Ani Now Available

This month, Chronicle Books published the 20 anniversary revised edition of The Book of Going Forth by Day aka the Papyrus of Ani, coordinated and overseen by noted occult author, James Wasserman.  Like the original 1994 edition, a crucial difference… Continue Reading

The Egyptian Book of the Dead Never Looked So Good!

The Egyptian Book of the Dead The Book of Going Forth by Day NEW 20th Anniversary Edition! The complete Papyrus of Ani with integrated text and full-color images. The long hot summer has birthed the twentieth anniversary edition of my… Continue Reading

Opus Alchymicum Ltd. Edition Publication

“The Opus Alchymicum series records a transformative process of archetypal encounters with alchemical motifs. Experienced by the Artist through the late 1970s and early 1980s at a time of emotional and spiritual crisis, the transpersonal Self constellated in the psyche… Continue Reading