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“The Opus Alchymicum series records a transformative process of archetypal encounters with alchemical motifs. Experienced by the Artist through the late 1970s and early 1980s at a time of emotional and spiritual crisis, the transpersonal Self constellated in the psyche of the Artist to restore equilibrium and wholeness. From the depths of the Unconscious, alchemical images arose of the Great Return to the Supernal Eden, of transfiguration and redemption, in that great coniunctio – the hieros gamos – of the filius philosophorum.” – Stephen J King

Exciting news form down under!

Opus Alchymicum

Words and images by J. Daniel Gunther.
With a foreword by Robert Buratti and afterword by
Stephen J. King.

Deluxe Edition
44 Pages, full colour, hard cover
Red cloth slipcase and gold embossing
Limited edition, each copy signed by the artist

Publication will be available for pre-order in October with the official launch in November 2014.


Order from link below:

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