Simple Magick for a Better Life: Now What?

In the previous posts in this series, I’ve gone over some really simple magick that anyone can do with little training and a few internet links to change the foundations of most people’s lives. Money, love, the means to overcome obstacles, and methods of keeping yourself safe from your own mistakes, and the malevolence of others.

I really hope you’ve put the things into effect that I’ve recommended. Money, especially at this time of year, is a thing we all need. Jupiter Magick is a great thing to use to plan for a new year, or to fill in the gaps left by an overly generous heart. When the financial framework of your life leaves you with more money than time to spend it, you’re winning in that particular battlefield.

Relationships, and the lack thereof, leave people at this time of year feeling strained, alone, and empty. Even people in awesome relationships suffer at this time of the year. Most of us have complicated relationships with our parents and siblings. The holidays put us in a position to deal with extended family, often people we’ve avoided for really good reasons for a really long time. This inevitably results in stress, and the people closest to us have to suffer through it, while we suffer through the same stress from them.

If you’re alone through the holidays, you don’t have to deal with the regular stress plus your partners’, but then you have to deal with feelings of being alone. Through the holidays. Which could be good if you are in a place where you appreciate being alone.

If you’re in a relationship, or want to be in one, love magick can help dissolve some stress, or prepare you to be ready to form new relationships in the coming year. Do some, Friday, no matter what your situation might be, unless you’re one of those people happier alone, which is also cool, and worth some stuff.

Chances are, you’ve spent some time this season, or will in the coming days, evaluating your performance in 2016, and what you want to be different over the next year. Check for obstacles, and remove them. Look for sources of negativity, and address them. Do a little magick on Wednesday and Tuesday, not necessarily in that order to clean things out.

So, money, love, elimination of things that stand in the way of your Will, whether situational or external, you’ve got the basic tools necessary to manifest a decent life, with plenty left over through some relatively simple magick.

Once you’ve got that set… what happens next?

In my opinion, the entire point of setting up a decent, stable, and healthy foundation for your life is to point yourself at the real reason you’ve incarnated: to accomplish your true will. This is such a nebulous concept, it’s hard to say what that actually is for everyone, generally. Going back to the first records people started keeping, we find that occultists have always turned to the gods, angels, or Good Messengers of God to help them out when it comes to making the choices that lead to feeling holistically content, as if we were actually making the best possible choices to accomplish our missions in life.

hga_facepalmFrom Zoroastrianism to Aleister Crowley, establishing a relationship with our personal slice of the Perfect Nature, our Angel, the Good Spirit of God, the Genius, the Good Spirit of God, or the Holy Guardian Angel has been the method used by occultists ever since we started keeping our magickal diaries. Within the Magick of Thelema, we are taught that the primary goal of the magician should be the attainment of Knowledge and Conversation with our Holy Guardian Angel. The method we have from Aleister Crowley is simple and direct, and incredibly effective.

Once we’ve got our personal lives sorted through the simple forms of materialistic magick I’ve been discussing in this series of posts, we will have the resources, the emotional foundation, and the momentum in our material lives that will eliminate the physical distractions and give is the lives of leisure (or at least the elimination of the major sources of immediate stress) that is assumed to be in place in rites such as the Conjuration of the Perfect Nature of the Picatrix, or the Sacred Magick of Abramelin the Mage, or even the lifestyle that can allow you to effect the transformation sparked by Liber Samekh.

In the next series of posts, I’ll be presenting material from a presentation based on my pursuit of Knowledge and Conversation with my Holy Guardian Angel. We’ll be examining the various ways this entity has manifested at different times over the last 10,000 years or so of human “civilization,” and I’ll be presenting my personal opinions and some anecdotes of what happened along the way. So sit back, and enjoy some opinionated observations on the history, nature, and experiential conjuration of the Holy Guardian Angel.

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