Ancient Theater in Plovdiv is a bit more ancient than it was thought


The Sofia Globe reports that a Greek inscription found in a stairwell at the theater in the ancient city of Philippopolis suggests it was built earlier than had been previously thought.  The theater was believed to date to A.D. 116, and the rule of Emperor Trajan, but the inscription, found on the base of a first-century statue, indicates that the construction of the theater began about three decades earlier, during the reign of Emperor Domitian.  According to Nikolai Sharankov of Sofia University, the text of the inscription refers to Titus Flavius Cotis, a descendant of the Thracian kings who was the first priest of the imperial cult in Thrace.  Sharankov explained that Titus Flavius Cotis erected many of the city’s buildings. “He wanted to give from his wealth for the public benefit and thus enhance his reputation among the citizenry,” he said.

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