Ritual Retreat Weekend in Windber PA

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

Golden Thread Camp O. T. O. in the Valley of Pittsburgh PA is pleased to
announce a special Ritual Retreat Weekend, at the world famous(and very
possibly haunted) Grand Midway hotel in Windber PA, September 28-29,
2019. Informative presentations on ritual will be led by Tau Asteria and Tau
 AL-Taumn. In addition, there will be an extraordinary performance of
Gnostic Mass, performed underneath the world's largest Thoth Tarot Card,
The Universe.

Tickets must be bought in advance and include meals and overnight

The Grand Midway Hotel is a private home/former 19th century hotel that is
graciously opening its doors to us. We are planning a weekend of ritual
education, an overnight visit in the hotel's many themed rooms and notably,
the world's first Gnostic Mass performed under the Thoth Universe
card. Among its many notable collections and world records, The Grand
Midway is home to the world's largest Thoth card painted on the ceiling of
the hotel's dining room. More about the Grand Midway can be found here:

The general schedule is as follows and will be finalized closer to the

Saturday late AM: Meet and greet with your fellow attendees.

Saturday afternoon: Learn, discuss and practice a variety of rituals and
performance techniques, which can include auxillary EGC rituals(baptisms,
confirmations, marriage, etc.), banishings, evocations, seasonal rituals
and much more.

Saturday evening: A magificent performance of the Gnostic Mass, held
underneath the world's largest Thoth tarot card, The Universe is planned.
Afterwards, you are free to roam the Grand Midway or gather in one of the
many themed rooms for late night ghost stories. Dinner will be served.

Sunday: Pancake breakfast and additional ritual classes/performances

Shared accommodations (a bed in a shared room), snacks, dinner and Sunday
breakfast are included with the price of admission($50)

Tickets must be bought in advance from this link:

No at door sales.

If due to traveling you wish to arrive early(Friday night) instead of
Saturday morning, an extra charge for the room will apply.

Additionally, car pool options from Pittsburgh to Windber(approx 2 hours
drive) will be available.

Please contact events@goldenthread-oto.org for more information.

You can also find additional information on our hidden link:

This event is open only to intiates of the OTO or Golden Thread affiliate
members and their partners.

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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