Review of New Book on Neanderthals

The New York Times recently ran a review of the second book by archaeologist Rebecca Wragg Sykes, Kindred. The book collects and analyzes 170 years’ worth of research and speculation devoted to the hominid species Neanderthals and presents readers a comprehensive view contemporary perspectives on homo sapiens’ closest relative. The review begins:

“Kindred by the archaeologist Rebecca Wragg Sykes is a dense work, packed with information and interpretations that strongly challenge earlier conceptions of Neanderthals. Surprisingly, on the first page Wragg Sykes informs us that she will not introduce us to the scholars who have worked in the field over the past ninety years, because “there simply wasn’t the space to mention the names and affiliations of researchers for every site or piece of information.” To my astonishment, the book is also entirely unreferenced.”

Read the entire interview:

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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