Renderings of the Vision of the 22nd Aethyr

Robert Buratti of Collective777, the Art Guild of OTO Australia is exhibiting new work in Adelaide at Two Horizons Gallery, part of “IAIDA: 418.” Here’re two rendering of the Visions Aleister Crowley experienced after intoning the call of the 22nd Aethyr, which is called “LIN” in Liber CDXVIII.

“I in this Aethyr that gives this vision, and L is its purity, and N is its energy. Now everything is confused, for I invoked the Mind, that is disruption. Every Adept who beholds this vision is corrupted by mind. Yet it is by virtue of mind that he endures it, and passes on, if so be that he pass on. Yet there is nothing higher than this, for it is perfectly balanced in itself.”


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Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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