The Ecstasy of Forbidden Daylight: Alexis Karl – Redefining the Witch through Art


Alexis Palmer Karl “Ritual Skulls” Bone, obsidian. quartz, amethyst, moonstone, agate, petrified wood​ 2017



“The Ecstasy of Forbidden Daylight”, is based on studies of 18th century accounts of witchcraft trials from her research in the UK, and a series of her lectures at The Morbid Anatomy museum, and serves to bring the archetype of the Witch into the modern era.


Pratt Institute and Stephen Romano Gallery are pleased to present a solo exhibition by New York artist Alexis Palmer Karl entitled “ THE ECSTASY OF FORBIDDEN DAYLIGHT” Oct 12-Nov 12 with an opening reception for the artist OCT 12th 6-8.



“THE ECSTASY OF FORBIDDEN DAYLIGHT” is an immersive multi media experience involving sculpture, photography, painting, sound and film which explores the pull of magic lifting the veil between our world and the spirit realm.


Alexis Palmer Karl Film Still from The Ecstasy of Forbidden Daylight​ 2017


Alexis’s work has been exhibited in the states and internationally, with performances at the Whitney Biennial and Guggenheim Museum, and is represented in New York by Stephen Romano Gallery. Alexis’s work explores the reinventing of oracular magic and ritualistic objects and the redefining of the witch archetype.

The work reinvents sacred ritualistic objects, and presents a portrait of Oracles who, while bound by this mortal coil, can see a world beyond. Inspired by her scholarly research and lectures of historical  accounts of witchcraft and folkloric magic spell books, Karl’s work recasts and shifts the powerful Witch archetype




A painted and filmed coven harness elements of the earth to do their magic; borrowing from death to bring new life, they are archetypal and goddess -like in their power.  Obsidian- laden scrying bowls and black a Quartz pendulum reveal the future, and call forth spirits.

The work challenges the viewer to embrace the artist’s reinvention of magical practices, and brings into the light which has for centuries been seen as dark. The exhibition includes Animal Familiar ritual bowls, ritual bowls that secure love spells, and witch bottles to bind malevolent spirits.


Alexis Palmer Karl “Witch Bottles” 1800’s glass bottles, hair, wine, urine, bent nails, red thread, red ribbon,
devils claw, 35 million year old fossilized amber oil, leather, wax, garnet, smoky quartz 2017



Alexis Palmer Karl 

School of Continuing and Professional Studies Gallery

Pratt Institute

Co-sponsored by Stephen Romano Gallery

Opening reception October 12th 6 – 8 2017

Exhibition dates October 12 – November 12 2017

144 West 14th street  2nd Floor New York, New York.


See Full Press Release : HERE.





Alexis Palmer Karl Film Still from “Oracle” 2017


Alexis Palmer Karl “Scrying Bowl” Found antlers, Obsidian , calabash bowl, water 2017



Barry William Hale


  1. Barry William Hale,
    Thank you so very much for this feature! What an honor, coming from an artist I admire so much-a true brother in the dark arts
    xo Alexis

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