A Spirited Use For Leftovers

The Ventura Spirits Distillery

In a creative use of what would otherwise be waste, Sam Chereskin and Whit Rigali use excess bread, bagels and cakes to make vodka. NPR explains, “The pair launched Misadventure Vodka this past summer with the dual goals of producing that vodka and reducing food waste. The southern California distillery makes all of its liquor from discarded starches, collecting up to 1,200 pounds of aging bakery products from the local food bank each week.” It takes about 2 pounds of food waste to make a bottle of vodka.

Other entrepreneurs are using discarded fruits and vegetables for similarly creative methods to make brandy, vodka, and even mixed drinks. An estimated 133 billion pounds of food is thrown away every year in the U.S., creating a huge resource such innovations.

Creative Distillers Tackle Food Waste, Redefining ‘Getting Trashed.’



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    • We have no plans personally but if you keep an eye on the Krewe What Thou Wilt FB page I’m sure they’ll be posting notices about fundraising to outfit their krewe for their Carnival parading in 2018

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