Publication New Daniel A. Schulke Book Being Delayed until November

Publication of The Green Mysteries, the forthcoming book by Daniel A. Schulke, has been delayed until November 1, 2017. This is due primarily to contracting a new printer for the work, as our former printer was unable to handle a project of this scope and magnitude. Although the delay is disappointing, the decision for us was the correct one: The Green Mysteries was a colossal undertaking to create, at over 500 pages and nearly 300 original illustrations by artist Benjamin A. Vierling, it demanded a thorough and painstaking approach on press and in the bindery. Having conducted extensive testing and press proofs and retained the appropriate printer, the book is now in the capable hands of a United States offset lithography printer with a long and proven track record, and is manifesting according to vision. In the coming weeks we will announce details of of a book launch and related events to mark the emergence of the work, made public through this newsletter and on our website.

Plants of the Devil
Official Release and Book Launch
Corinne Boyer’s Plants of the Devil will be arriving at our warehouses on August 15, and the hardcover and trade paper editions will begin shipping immediately. Join us for the book launch and signing on August 24th at Mortlake and Company Gallery, Seattle. Corinne will speak about her work as an herbalist and the significance of the concept of the Wild Adversary. The event happens 7:00-9:00 pm, and light refreshments will be served. Those who cannot attend the book launch can still purchase a limited edition poster ( for the event, featuring the image ‘Initiation’ by artist Marzena Ablewska-Lech, which also appears in the book.

Selection from Sylvan Dread
Chosen for Best New Horror
The haunting short story “Mare’s Nest,” which recently appeared for the first time in Richard Gavin’s book of occult fiction Sylvan Dread ( , has been chosen for the prestigious British publication Best New Horror, number 28. Hearty congratulations to Richard for this momentous news. ( Fans of Richard’s work will be pleased to know that a new occult title of his authorship is currently in preparation for a release from Three Hands Press next year.

A New Book of Witchcraft Imagery
In the coming weeks, Three Hands Press will announce Witch-Ikon: Witchcraft in Art and Artifact, a stunning collection of witchcraft imagery spanning five centuries. The book’s purview ranges from folk depictions to demonology to fine art, through the fetishistic charms of folk-sorcery to the inspired magical imagery of modern occultism. Curated by Daniel A. Schulke, Madeleine LeDespencer, and Dolorosa de la Cruz, this full color museum-quality book also contains essays and texts on witchcraft imagery from authors such as Martin Duffy, Tom Allen, Michael Bertiaux, Lee Morgan, Daniel A. Schulke, and Jon Crabb. Several editions are being produced, including a trade paperbound, a standard and deluxe hardcover, and special leather volumes.

In support of the book, Three Hands Press presents Witch-Ikon: An Exhibition of Contemporary Witchcraft Imagery, at Mortlake & Company Gallery ( , Seattle, throughout the month of October. Exhibited artists will include Benjamin Vierling, K. Lenore Siner, David Herrerías, Dolorosa de la Cruz, Rory MacLean, Santiago Caruso, Marzena Ablewska-Lech, Rory MacLean and Timo Ketola, among others. Throughout the month of the exhibition, various guest lectures will be presented on aspects of the witch in art. Additional exhibition-only publications from Three Hands Press will be available for purchase at the gallery, as will prints from some of the exhibiting artists. For additional information, please visit Mortlake & Company; we will also have periodic updates at

Art of Liv Rainey-Smith
To Appear at
Wonders of the Invisible Weird
Congratulations to Arcanum Bestiarum ( artist Liv Rainey-Smith, who will have some of her work featured in the show Ars Necronomica: Wonders of the Invisble Weird, at the Woods-Gerry Gallery at the Rhode Island School of Design. Wonders of the Visible Weird features paintings, prints, sculptures, and illustrations by more than seventy contemporary artists who explore the themes of weird fiction and cosmic horror, inspired by the works of Providence-born writer H. P. Lovecraft and other authors and artists of Weird. For further information, see the gallery website. (

WYRD volume 2
Soon to be Released
Following on the success of volume 1 of WYRD journal, WYRD volume 2 will be released at the Autumnal Equinox, featuring captivating articles by Fredrik Eytzinger, Martin Duffy, Melissa Seims, Michael Howard, Raven Grimassi, and Gary St.M. Nottingham. The journal will be announced for purchase mid-September.


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