Paranormal Events and Miracles

YES – we were away at Notocon from Thursday till late last night. Little behind the curve work wise.  But we had kept posting thru Friday dinner time… knowing y’all were all swanning around Orlando with us and not looking at this blog! So…well, be easy on us if we come back with some words of wisdom from our old colleague Inominandum. And, HEY, it’s good stuff!

Last week i recorded a free class for the Financially Stuck and asked it to be shared far and wide. This of course means that it will be seen by people who have not been following me or know what I am all about. In that class I made a recommendation that I have made hundreds of times before: Make a plan that would work without magic, then use magic to insure that plan exceeds expectation and meets minimal obstacles. 

Someone wrote me about this and questioned whether I really believed in the potential of magic. He pointed out a few examples of really strange and paranormal stuff that has happened to him as a result of magic, and wanted me to know how amazing the potenial of magic is.

I appreciate this. I too have had spells manifest highly improbable things, paranormal events, and even miraculous stuff that I dont write much about because you probably wouldn’t believe. These things happen with magic. They are not even exceedingly rare, if you are living a life with a consistent magical practice, such miracles will start to pepper your life. They are wonderful and you can use those events as confirmation that what you are doing is real. You can use those events as windows into your full potential. Here is what you don’t do: you don’t bank on themhappening when you need to.

If you are financially stuck, unemployed, and in debt, you do not pin your hopes to a spell that wins Mega Millions. You do not bet your future on a spell that results in you getting offered a 6 figure job you are not qualified for. You do not trust your income to spells that find discarded cash in the street and bank errors in your favor. That will just continue your cycle of being stuck.

But it’s not just for the financially stuck. This is true for ANY strategy. Right now I am making strategic investments and acquiring a couple assets I have my eye on. I am doing magic to make those investments and assets pay off and grow my holdings. I am not banking on miracles – I am making a plan that can work without magic, then usiing magic to make sure that it works.

Do this with love magic. Do this with health magic. Do this with purely spiritual and self-developmental magic too. If you don’t have a life and practice that supports the type of enlightened person you hope to become, no amount of trippy encounters is going to make that happen.

Make the plan, then do the magic for it. When the paranormal events occur, and the improbable miracles happen you can take them as an added blessing and a confirmation, rather than something that you needed.

That is what Strategic Sorcery is all about.

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