Working With Saint Martha of the Little Dragon

Some more pearls of occult smartness from our old pal Inominandum

“[July 29] is the feast of St Martha. This Patron Saint of cooks and homemakers is also a saint that Sorcerers call upon for influence and dominance. Some people work with her for very strong and overt Dominance, usually in her form as an African woman wielding a serpent. I work with her more Catholic image, showing her leading the Tarasque from its cave by a ribbon. The idea being that this Dragon who no one could defeat by force, she defeated through prayer and the singing or hymns.

“We live in an age where there is much suffering, but laws to prevent us solving our problems through violence – a perfect time to invoke St Martha for aid. Purchase some Tarragon (Artemisia dracunculus, litterally the little dragon) and make a prayer to St Martha asking that as she dominated the Tarasque with prayer that you dominate your target with the herb of the Dragon. You can then burn it and hold a link to the target over the smoke, andgling by a ribbon as you make your commands of dominance and prayers to Christ and St Martha. Or you can add it to a mojo or powder with other dominating herbs like licorice and calamus. You can even cook with it and serve it to whoever you want to influence.

“St. Martha, I resort to thee and to thy petition and faith,
Comfort us in all our difficulties through the great favour thou didst enjoy
when Our Saviour lodged in thy house.
I beseech thee to have definite pity in regard to the favours we ask.
I ask thee St. Martha to overcome our tyrants and tormentors
As you did the dragon which thou didst cast at thy feet.

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