Program Teaser for Sacred Space Conference 2020

Yesterday we posted about the Sacred Space Foundation announcing dates for its 2020 Conference, to be held April 9–12, 2020 in the Baltimore/DC area.

Here’s a program teaser:

“Jason Miller St. Cyprian the Sorcerer Saint
St Cyprian of Antioch is a figure who, until recently, was almost unknown in the English speaking world, yet has been celebrated by witches and occultists from the Iberian penninsula in the south, to Scandanavia in the north, and everywhere from Brazil to Mexico in the new world. He stands at the crossroads between Heaven and Hell, Living and Dead, and Christian and Pagan. In this class I will talk about the origins and spread of Cyprians loose lore, how the sacraments can be exploited for sorcery, and share my own 12 year journey with this great Saint who is taking on increased importance for so many.”


Register here:

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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