Moon in My Mouth: Art and Ritual


This exhibition shows a collection of artists practicing subtlety and sensitively with personal rituals relating to lunar energies and methodologies. I’ve created an altar for invoking the moon using planetary magick. Linsey Gosper

Moon in My Mouth: Art and Ritual


To speak with the moon in ones mouth is to articulate a generous tongue.

The moon, as a reflective celestial disc, emits no light of herself instead mirrors the light of others to generously offer guidance throughout the darkest hours.

As a feminine heavenly body, she is at once mother, lover, witch and sister, governing the tidal sway of the oceans and waterways, including our own emotional tides and connectivity between each other. To speak with the moon in our mouth is to action transformation both poetic and political. So too, like the phases of the moon, we ceremonially transmute light from each other’s radiant beings and offer forth illumination as gentle, gregarious acts.

Moon in my Mouth is a project that reflects upon and celebrates the illuminations we glean from each other, from community and through kinship. It is a project that looks beyond patriarchal traditions and towards matriarchal wisdoms. Housed within an agenda of curatorial activism, it is a project that sees collaborative healing on the horizon, rising like a convalescing moon. It is a project that dismantles the foundations and strictures of the academy and from the rubble returns to the schoolhouse embedded in Nature.

This exhibition celebrates an ecology of knowledge that is inherently intersectional, and is built within a framework of an amorous architecture. An amorous architecture speaks of physical and psychical space within which kinship and community is housed—a safe space informed by love and nurturing, inclusive of blood, bone and beyond. This space is radically inclusive, where at its forefront the wisdoms of First Nations people, queer people and the Divine Feminine fosters liveable and breathable futures nurtured by traditional knowledge.

Curated by Jake Adam Treacy, with Anna Dunnill, Bon Mott, Jenna Lee, Kevin Whiteneir Jr., Keiran Butler, Linsey Gosper, Moorina Bonini, Naomi Blacklock, Paola Balla, Sancintya Mohini Simpson, and Zaiba Khan.


Opening 7th of November This Thursday night


‘Moon in my mouth’ curated by @jakeadamtreacy opens.

81 Rupert St. Collingwood, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 3066

event details click here

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