Genesis P-Orridge in the Los Angeles Times

The Los Angeles Times recently ran a feature on Genesis Breyer P-Orridge in conjunction with Gen’s latest gallery show in L.A.  Here’s an excerpt:

“How did you approach creating the Pandrogeny shows that are opening in Los Angeles?
You know what sprung to my mind as you asked that? Evidence. To me, art has always been about evidence. Evidence of the lives of the people who are inspired by that divine spark that is so rare, especially in the contemporary art world. [Laughter]

 “You have been a key contributor to the current conversation about gender and body image. Does it surprise you how much the tone has shifted since a younger generation has started questioning gender definitions?
It’s really exciting for me. We were looking through old notebooks for a French academic who was doing a PhD about some of my work. And I didn’t remember this, but in 1986 there were about three pages of really detailed notes about androgyny. And one of the sentences was in capitals and it said, ‘ANDROGYNY IS INEVITABLE.’

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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