Panel Discussion on DMT Including An EGC Bishop

LAMPS is hosting a panel discussion, “Can the God Molecule Save The World?” on February 17, 6-8PM PST with a panel including EGC Bishop Merrill Ward. The posted description says:

These are the times: the world is facing runaway climate change and extreme weather, the old normal is dead, and the New World Order beckons. Can 5-MEO-DMT play a crucial part in our collective awakening process in time? While science is demonstrating both mental and physical healing from 5-MeO, this healing cannot be separated from the mystical experience it can engender. And as corporadelic companies plan to absorb 5-MeO into the medical model, 5-churches are blossoming to provide community containers for the intimate and sacred spiritual nature of this experience. At the same time, 5-MeO vape pens have arrived in the underground, which could bring God to the masses, just as everything’s falling apart. And is this a good thing? How do we navigate these accelerating changes with care – and should we be open to radical ideas that could bring 5-MeO to millions? Can a collective 5-MeO awakening shift the status quo in time to save the world, or to enter the next? This will be a provocative discussion on the new frontier of 5-MeO in the world.


Tricia Eastman, Founder of Psychedelic Journeys and Ancestral Heart, is a Medicine women and healing practitioner, has experience in the shamanic and clinical backgrounds of psychedelic-assisted therapeutic modalities. She offers a unique bridge between the scientific, cultural, and indigenous perspectives. Eastman has been initiated into Bwiti traditions of Fang and Ngonde Missoko tradition, as well as facilitated the psychospiritual iboga program for Crossroads Treatment Center in Mexico. Eastman is a writer, speaker and advocate for the psychedelic movement. Over the last decade, she has been involved in ongoing projects related to the preservation of sacred medicines, cultural traditions, and sacred sites. Eastman’s book Traversing the Innerverse: Plant Medicine, Ancestral Wisdom, and the Path to Transcendent Consciousness will be available in late 2021.

Rev. Merrill Ward, Ep. Gn., Executive Director / Minister, Awakening Divinity Ministries, Chief Enlightenment Officer, Teleios Wellness, Bishop of Ecclesia Gnostica Catholica, Rev. Merrill Ward, Ep. Gn. is a staunch proponent of cognitive liberty and a passionate advocate for the safe and responsible use of entheogenic sacraments for engendering direct spiritual experience. He possesses the rare gift of exquisitely articulating deep esoteric wisdom and transmitting this through his writings, ceremony, ontology, noetic experiences and profound metaphor. Merrill has been deeply involved in esoteric spiritual traditions and comparative world religions for over 30 years. He is an ordained Gnostic priest, ritualist, teacher and student of the religious spiritual philosophy of Thelema with a special emphasis on the Mystical Unitive Experience and the practical application of entheogenic techniques and sacraments for exploring and expanding human consciousness for attaining direct access to the Divine.

Suzi Kalypso is a passionate advocate for the decriminalization of Entheogenic medicines. She is devoted to building communities that awaken the divinity within. She assists in the spiritual rebirth of her brothers and sisters, creating a safe space where sacredness can blossom. Offering a free once-a-month integration meeting for ceremony participants with her licensed staff, offering non-judgmental support, helping people by teaching them how to help themselves by overcoming limiting beliefs and transcending into the most Divine versions of themselves. Suzi is dedicated to offering services through an Astrological and spiritual perspective. She specializes in Shadow Work and guiding people through their “Dark nights of the Soul.” Suzi is a professional Astrologist, a passionate student of the divine arts. She is also a Bufo (5-MEO-DMT) Priestess and founder of the Temple of Eden Church based out of Los Angeles, California.

Joel Brierre is the Founder and CEO of the psychedelic wellness companies Kaivalya Kollectiv and Tandava Retreats. Joel has been deeply involved in the modern psychedelic movement, specifically in the realm of 5-MeO-DMT and the Bufo Alvarius toad. His unique approach of applying classical non- dual yogic philosophy as geography for both preparation and integration from the entheogenic experience offers a comprehensive geography to participants. Joel runs the flagship Tandava center in Tepoztlan, Mexico and oversees the Costa Rica center set to open in the second quarter of 2022. Joel’s team is also launching F.I.V.E., which will be a centralized hub of resources and information around 5-MeO-DMT, set to launch in March of 2022.MeO-DMT, set to launch in March of 2022.


Rak Razam, Author/ Filmmaker and Host of the Shamans of the Global Village. Rak Razam is an alchemical storyteller with his finger on the pulse of tomorrow and the heart of today. A screenwriter, documentary filmmaker, author, journalist, and culture maker, his focus is on the new cultural paradigm birthing in this brave new world.

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