Algol Aluvia of Mehenet Appears on Saturn Vox Podcast

Algol Aluvia is interviewed on the latest episode of the Saturn Vox podcast.The posted description says:

On this week’s episode we have guest Joshua Adam Sharp, better known as @algolaluvaia from the New Orleans based Black Metal project Mehenet. Joshua is the founding master of Alombrados Oasis, OTO and currently serves on the Electoral College of O.TO. For the U.S.A. He is a crowned Olorisha and a Macumbeiro as well as being one of the 4 owners of Botanica Macumba, which happens to be the onsight location this interview took place. Joshua shares with us his own wisdoms on dual-faith practice and the challenges one faces as a magic practitioner in the era of modernity. We chat skepticism, some common misconceptions about Aleister Crowley, and discuss an ontological theory based in High Strangeness called, The Phenomena. How can we prove anything exists? Does it matter? How does community help to inform and deepen our engagement in magical practices? In what ways does clinging to Westernized ideas of religion stop us from approaching more insight into cognition and the state of our reality? Do aliens exist?

Give a listen!

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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