NOCTEM DIABOLI – Halloween Art exhibition NYC

Grimoire page, ink on linen, possibly made by the same hand that produced the famous “Clavis Inferni” of 1757


Stephen Romano Gallery Halloween Art Exhibition Spectacular 2018

Stephen Romano Gallery presents “NOCTEM DIABOLI” (Devil’s Night), a one night exhibition event at The Living Gallery Outpost at 246 East 4th Street NYC October 30 from 7pm to midnight.


Tine Kindermann + Ken Weaver + Zach Brown + Barry William Hale + Luciana Lupe Vasconcelos + Lori Field + Shannon Taggart + Inge Vandormael + Josh Stebbins + Matthew Dutton + Alexis Palmer Karl + Terry Tapp + Caitlin Karolczak + Daniel Jefferson + Ra Friedman + Mario Mercier + Tiffany Hsang + Nyahzul C Blanco + Jullian Baker + Vivien Masters + Daniel Gonçalves + Colin Christian + Ray Robinson + Samuel D Gliner + Gigi Spratley + Jack Waltrip + Shiri Mordechay + Kim Bo Yung + Deming King Harriman + Sichong Xie + Jaya Suberg + Erna Kd + Lena Viddo + William Mortensen + Wolfgang Grasse + Darcilio Lima + William Blayney + A Fiorello + Albrecht Dürer + Anonymous / unknown makers


Barry William Hale – Ritual Floor Drawing 2018, constructed during NOKO210 performance @ Dark MOFO for Inivisible House.

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Erna Kd

Stephen Romano Gallery presents “NOCTEM DIABOLI” (Devil’s Night), a one night exhibition event at The Living Gallery Outpost at 246 East 4th Street NYC October 30 from 7pm to midnight.

Daniel Gonçalves #148 ink on paper 2017

The exhibition will be a curated installation which blends works by established and emerging contemporary artists, historical and vernacular images, folk art painting and sculpture, acclaimed visionary and outsider artists, vintage photography and works by anonymous or unknown artists all addressing themes of animism, witchcraft, shamanism, voodoo, magic and demonology, celebrating the themes of the evening preceding ALL HALLOW’S EVE .

The vernacular works in the exhibition are culled from a collection in Brooklyn New York which has also shared selections in the past year with the esteemed Reina Sophia Museum in Madrid, The MET Museum in New York, The American Folk Art Museum in New York and Gagosian Gallery. The collection is known as one of the most engaging for the works of esoterica, the art which is generally understood as embracing themes of the paranormal, magic and witchcraft.

Ray Robinson – “The Sleep of Reason, The Day the Witch Lya Burchett was Given Short Shift and Hanged. Her Body Burned in the Grounds of Dolbadarn Castle” 2015 – Acrylic on Board 26 x 32 inches

for further information or visuals, please contact Stephen Romano at  Stephen Romano Gallery

Shannon Taggart or 6467094725


Eugène LE POITEVIN, Les Diables de Lithographies 1832

LUCIANA LUPE VASCONCELOS Elixir 2018 25 x 18 1/4 inches

Wolfgang Grasse (1930 – 2008) “South Asian Garden” 1998 This painting depicts Jiutian Xuannü, the chineese goddess of war, sex, and longevity.

Shiri Mordechay


Matthew Dutton “Infernal Companions” 2015


Deming Harriman “Sea Witches” 2014


Kim Bo Yung “Surge Wetly” 2018


Inge Vandormael “Offering” 2018


Ken Weaver “Spirit Photograph” 2018


Colin Christian “HAXAN” 2014


Darcilio Lima (1944 – 1991) The Prince circa 1972


Alexis Karl “I unravel the bindings of centuries past, I unbind and kiss your eternal mouth” 2018


Josh Stebbins “Tragedy – DEVIL – for William Mortensen” 2017 pencil


Barry William Hale

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