Hekate Global Rite

In honor of All Hallows Evening, Samhain or whatever celebration of the this time you prefer I’m passing along a ritual sent out by veteran sorcerer Jason Miller.

“Attached you will find the Hekate Global Rite. We as a community do five Global Rites through the year. The Hallows, New Year, and Candlemass Rites are linked in a special way. We begin with Hekate around Hallows, then perform a joint rite between New Years day and the Perihelion for Hekate and Helios together, and finally a Helios global rite on Candlemas. Hekate has been instrumental in my first book and the whole of Strategic Sorcery off the ground, so her blessings on your work in this course can be a powerful catalyst. I hope you participate and enjoy the rite ”


“IMPORTANT NOTE: As most of you know, I also run a Hekate specific course called The Sorcery of Hekate. This year registration for a new cycle of that course will be starting a week or so after this rite, which can confuse some people. I wanted to issue this note to state that the Hekate Global Rite is part of the Strategic Sorcery Course and in no way is meant as sales pitch for that course. They arise from the same arcana, but the Global Rite came first and you should not feel compelled to joini the Sorcery of Hekate course just because you participated in this rite. They are separate courses with this one area of overlap.”

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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  1. Kleidoukhos is mentioned twice in this Global rite, so I substitute the 2nd Kleidoukhos for Pandoteira, the all-giving, to bless me with immediate financial abundance, unending prosperity & boundless wealth – although, throughout SOH1 & SOH2 I do not recall any mention of Hekaté Pandoteira at all – please let me know if there is a lesson on her, many thanks

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