An Interview with Author Scott Stenwick

Greetings Thelemic Folk!


I had the pleasure of interviewing Scott Michael Stenwick a while back about his various books and ideas related to Magick. Scott is a bullwark of our local O.T.O. Oasis, one of the longest dues current members in our body’s history. He leads a Thelemic Studies Group, continues to expand our local body, and supports all of our efforts at outreach and the administration of the Virtues to our Valley. Super smart, and all around good guy. He’s currently serving as our Ritual Coordinator, and puts together monthly Zodiacal rites, Equinox and Solstice rites, and spear heads our Ritual Night classes every Tuesday without fail. It’s one of the longest running weekly occult workshops in the area, if not the longest. He also leads our Office of the Readings when the Holy Season is upon us in preparation for the Feast of the Writing of the book of the Law.

Check out the interview at the link below:

Interview with Scott Michael Stenwick

Rufus Opus

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