Mysteries of the Great Beast Aleister Crowley: A Liturgical Cycle for Thelemites

Brother Dionysisus Rogers has just published a new book:  Mysteries of the Great Beast Aleister Crowley: A Liturgical Cycle for Thelemites.

The Amazon description states:

“These Mysteries are a set of congregational rituals commemorating the attainments of Aleister Crowley, the Prophet of Thelema. Although originally developed for and with the cooperation of local O.T.O. groups, they are suitable for performance by any Thelemites. They can be conducted on the ‘unholy days’ to reflect their historical inspiration, or in a day-long festival which arranges them into a single larger event.”

Meanwhile the author himself states:

“Those who enjoy my reviews might be interested to know that my new book is now available in softcover (and on pre-order for etext) from It is their “#1 New Release in Gnosticism”! Although I submitted it under the category ‘Blasphemy & Heresy,’ they have categorized it with great perversity under Books › Christian Books & Bibles › Theology. The irony is heightened by the explicit disclaimer in my introduction regarding theological ambitions for the work.

“The book is a tidy little affair collecting five original ceremonies, each dramatizing an accomplishment of the Prophet of Thelema, and incorporating many of his own poems and incantations. These rituals are not under the superintendence of any institutional rite, and each requires only three co-equal officers to produce. All of them have been successfully enacted through local O.T.O. groups in the past. ”

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Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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